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CanGateway Smart - for VW GOLF 6, VW Jetta 6, VW Touran, VW Transporter T6, Audi

Not Afilliated With DiagProg4/Elprosys


CanGateway Smart - for VW GOLF 7*, Seat Leon3*, Skoda Octavia, Audi A3*, VW Passat B8 - 2015* , Audi Q2*

CanGateway Smart also supports - VW GOLF 7 - VIRTUAL COCKPIT, VW Passat B8 - 2015 - VIRTUAL COCKPIT, Audi Q2* - VIRTUAL COCKPIT, VW Tiguan - VIRTUAL COCKPIT

* It is recommended to purchase - HUD XY- E350 - 5.8" - HEAD UP display



CanGateway Smart is intended for research and development purposes only (off road) – it allows you to perform tests on vehicles under laboratory / testing conditions as well as various vehicle tests and measurements on a chassis dynamometer.


The main advantages of the CanGateway Smart device are easy and quick installation as well as ease of use. High-quality processor (200MHz) ensures minimum power consumption and high performance. Also there is software update from the microSD card..