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New ZIF ADAPTER allows to program various types of EEPROM memories without the need to use cables.

Sockets with golden pins are mounted on a two-layered board made of high quality laminate. Adapter is also equipped with angled connectors and rubber levelling feet for comfort and easy of use.

ZIF ADAPTER works with DIAGPROG4 diagnostic tester and with CODIPROG USB.

ZIF ADAPTER includes 3 sockets made by renowned producers Enplas and Wells / Sensata:

  • TSSOP-8 socket:

    Package size - 4.4mm x 3mm

    Pitch - 0.65mm


  • MSOP-8 socket:
    Package size - 3mm x 3mm
    Pitch - 0.65mm
  • SOIC-8 socket:
    Package size - 3.9mm x 5mm
    Pitch - 1,27mm